This course addresses recent shifts in the global fashion industry and the need for increased technical and creative skills in the pattern cutting sector. It responds to fashion industry’s call for improved pattern cutting skills and recognises the breadth of careers students enter into.
During this 3 days creative Pattern Cutting Course , Students will explore and experiment the unique skill of Transformational Reconstruction by Shingo Sato. This is an unconventional pattern cutting method based on construction and deconstruction to transform a 2D pattern into a 3D couture form . It is an extremely useful method to widen knowledge of designs, shapes , fold , texture and proportions. 
Below Topics will be covered extensively during this 3 days course .
-Dart absobstion techniques.-Curves, point and easing techniques.-Shapes integration.-Volume integration.-Origami Techniques.
Through a series of hands on demonstrations and practice, you will create and take home your own creative patterns and toiles.
This course is more Pattern Cutting than sewing . However, you are required to have good basic sewing skills to take this course.

-Pattern master ruler.-Masking Tape.-Sharp pointed tip fabric scissors.-Paper scissors.-DIY craft knife .-Tape measure.-Fine pointed dressmaker pins.-Camera  ( Good camera phone is fine).-Notebook.-Minimum of 3 colours ball pen.-4 metres of medium weight cotton fabric ( plain or patterned).-4 metres of soft drape fabric (plain or patterned).


 Beginner/ Intermediate.

To take this course, you are expected to have at least Basic sewing and pattern cutting skill.