At Trendhood Royale, we provide high quality professional services for individuals, students, fashion designers & fashion entrepreneurs.

Services we provide for Individuals

Our luxury Made to Measure service is for customers looking to make tailored made garment specially for them and their unique shape.  Click here to read more.

Every garment is meant to be fashionable, comfortable and practicable however, it will never look right unless it fit you perfectly as everyone has a unique body shape.

We strongly believe alterations are meant to be done by professional like ours as alterations not done correctly can ruin your garment and are nearly irreversible. Read more

Services we provide for designers, fashion students & fashion entrepreneurs

We can interpret your sketch or pictures into technical and accurate well fit flat patterns. Upon supply of your model size statistic chat, Patterns are made manually through manipulation of dart and style lines. Read More

We create a demo garment typically referred to as toile and get it fit on your model. Models can either be provided by you or we can provide one that matches up with your size statistics. Toiles are produced exactly as the finished garment is suppose to look. Read more

This is a pre-production sewing sample made in the exact fabric that will eventually be used for the garment. This helps to see and scrutinise the piece if need be before the final production.  One or more samples can be make across your key sizes so as to check fit before going ahead with major production. Read more

Our grading is the process of turning model size pattern or 1st pattern sample size into additional sizes using a size specification sheet provided to us. Grading is done manually and it helps to check the fit of all sizes. Patterns can be graded upwards or downwards from the original model size. Read more

Based on our work force and the high luxury finishing we do at TRENDHOOD ROYALE studio based in London, We do not have a limited production order number. Read more