Your Personalised Journey Begins .
Right from the door of our studio for your first appointment you will experience a personalised service . You will be guided by our head designer through the process of constructing your dream garment.

The First Step .
This is all about your inspiration,  Vision and desire of your required look. You will discuss in detail with our head designer and work together to arrive at a sketch of what your final garment should look like.

This is a process whereby you are guided through choosing the right fabric and trimmings for your design. Our head designer will be on hand to give you advice and recommendation at all time in making the right decision. However we are happy to work with fabric you already have or you want to source for it yourself.

Personalised Fit.
At this point your body measurement is taken. Every Trendhood Royale Made-To-Measure garment embodies the hallmarks of the designer's style code. The garment must fit perfectly to your body's Contours. The meticulous measurement process will ensure that the garment is made to fit just for you and your unique shape.
Upon conclusion of style, choice of fabric, trimming and body measurement, deposit of 50% is required to place your order. You will be informed on when your first toile fitting will be .50% outstanding balance is expected to be paid on or before collection of garment.

Notes: All prices depends on fabric, trimmings and it's quality. Some fabrics can be more time consuming to make than the others.

The Fit.
You will be required in for your first fitting based on the agreed date and time. This is a process where our head designer fit you into your custom made toile. At this stage alterations are made if and where necessary. You can also request a slight change in style, fit and details to suit what you want before we move on to the next  and most exciting stage of the process.

The Making.
 After toile fitting, patterns will be cut into the original fabric and sewn together taking into consideration every details. Each Trendhood Royale Made-To-Measure garment is assembled over a period of 2 to 4 weeks before it is ready for collection.

The Final Stage.
 You will be contacted as soon as your garment is ready for final fit and if no other adjustment is needed your garment is yours to wear with pride and confidence .Each Trendhood Royale garment is a peak of excellence in fit and finishing. Our goal is to create an image to remember.

Let your journey to personalised experience of Made-to-Measure with Trendhood Royale begins.