Are you tired of altering standard commercial block, and will like to draft your own Customised standard block based on your body measurements or that of your client?

If yes, this pattern course is for you.

This course will take you through the core skills involved in personalised womenswear pattern cutting to industry level.

You will be creating blocks and patterns based on actual body measurements rather than using a standard size block. 

Working in pairs, You’ll learn how to take body measurements and use these measurements to draft your own personalised bodice and one piece sleeve block.

Working at your own pace, you’ll then make your blocks into a toile, fit the toile to the body, altering and adapting the pattern where necessary . Once you’ve completed your bodice and sleeve you’ll move on to create a personalised block for a skirt, dress and finally trouser.

After all basic blocks are completed, you will be exploring and drafting different garment styles 

You’ll leave the course with a fully comprehensive set of personalised blocks for you to work from as well as variations of patterns created on your own . 

You’ll also be able to use your new knowledge to create personalised blocks for family, friends and future clients.

What You Will Learn On This Course:
- Measuring and pattern drafting for individual body fit.
- Fitting procedures.
- Manipulating the blocks to create different styles variations 
- Pattern altering.
- Toile making: cutting, sewing, pressing, fitting and altering.
- Exploring different shapes of neckline, sleeve, bodice, skirt, trousers.


To get the most out of this course. You must have completed our sewing and pattern cutting course for beginners or an equivalent course somewhere else.

- Pattern master ruler
- Stiletto awl
- Metric tape measure
- 3/4 H pencils, eraser and sharpener
- Magic scotch tape
- Glue stick
- Tracing wheel
- Fine steel pins
- Felt tip pen (or magic marker)
- Fabric scissors
- Paper scissors
- Tailors chalk
- A2 file folder and sleeves

NOTE: ‘Metric Pattern Cutting’ by Winifred Aldrich is the reference book used on the course. It is useful for you to have your own copy.